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I'm Carolyn and I am twenty-one years young. My job is dope as hell, and writing is my heart and soul. I love my boyfriend Cody with all of the space inside of me- AND BOOm OUT INTO THE GALAXY! fair warning I like A LOT OF DIFFERENT THINGS y'know just so you know or whatever

sam winchester meme ❅ recurrent themes [1/3]
          ↳’There is a concept called body autonomy. It’s generally considered a human right. Bodily autonomy means a person has control over who or what uses their body, for what, and for how long. Its why you can’t be forced to donate blood, tissue, or organs. Even if you are dead. Even if you’d save or improve 20 lives. It’s why someone can’t touch you, have sex with you, or use your body in any way without your continuous consent.’

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